Studio apartment — 43 m2. The apartment is located in a residential area.

The design project was implemented remotely, the Customers were geographically located in the far north of Russia. All approvals were made by e-mail. The design project takes into account all the subtleties and wishes of Customers. In this case, the task was to make a multifunctional apartment with a well-thought-out zoning.

The emphasis was placed on the fact that the apartment was first rented out, and then inherited by children.
The design of the apartment was made in a modern style, a good solution for those who want to keep up with the times.

Modern style is about comfort, convenience and functionality in the first place. This is the principle we followed when creating this interior. The room has a work space, a sitting area with a sofa bed and a TV, and a sleeping area. The kitchen also provides a place for guests to relax and sleep. In the bathroom, we made a shower cabin with a seat, which was also one of the requirements of the Customer.

All rooms are designed with spacious cabinet furniture, mainly with closed storage systems, which looks concise and allows you to minimize visual noise.

The color scheme of the interior is designed in neutral gray and beige tones, complemented by white. As a color accent, a cool and soothing palette of azure shades is selected, which is warmed by the soft warmth of the color of natural wood. In the kitchen, brighter accents are used, which create dynamics in the interior, make it more spectacular and interesting and lively.

When designing this apartment, several lighting scenarios were provided for in each room. As the main light throughout the apartment, spot ceiling lights were installed, and as additional light sources – sconces, hanging lamps and furniture lighting for a comfortable stay in each area.

In addition, decorative LED lighting was made to emphasize and enhance the accents in the interior, which can also be used independently for a comfortable stay.

Finishing materials were selected for reasons of practicality, wear resistance and ease of care.
The complete set of all materials for the repair of the apartment was made by our Company. All materials are purchased from our partners. We work only with high-quality materials, so we have the biggest guarantee for apartment repairs — 7 years.